I straight up can't find any download for the game in europe

Right, so basically I have never really played the game but recently I thought "Why not try now?" so, I searched around and apparently. In my region (Either europe or the netherlands) I straight can't find any downloads and any link I click on that would lead me to said download just lead me to "This is currently not available" or "This game is not available in your region". Does anyone have any idea why it is not available in the netherlands or so?

Loot box laws I think.

i just realized that and i am now so fucking pissed

I kinda want the look box laws to go global so games companies come up with better solutions tbh.

Honestly, same. But for now imma just buy a fuckin VPN

Their solution would most likely be content gates for money lol. But I agree. Gambling has no place in games and I refuse to use it myself, as advise others and friends not to do the same. Games don't have to rely on it, it's just a greedy method to make more money abusing the weak and cashing on those that are wealthy enough and don't care.