Casino slot machine not paying out jackpots?

I was play the rappy slot last night and got trip wild card but didnt win the jackpot? Is there something i missing? Sorry not the best quality.20200324_030345.jpg

Three Wilds in either PSE Burst Chance or normal mode will trigger a Rappy PSE Burst, and not give you jackpot. This is how it works in JP version. If you get wilds in ALL NINE SLOTS, you get the jackpot.

@coldreactive i see you need 9 wilds for jackpot. Sorry that needs to made clear and it seems like you all=3 for win.

It's also possible to fail to initiate Fever mode if you don't get the initial wild for the middle slot, and time it incorrectly.

@coldreactive i got the 3 wilds whule in fever mode