13* Drops

Can confirm with certainty that they do drop on SH AQ +50 risk. Not sure what risk would be needed exactly, but I am starting to see the 13* drops more frequently in my SH cycles.

Unfortunately, it isn't me getting them, always seems to be the new person in the group.

That's good to know. They also seem to drop in SG Urgen Quest. Friend of mine just got Form Greaves from Chrome Dragon kill in the Amduskia UQ. Maybe I have just been really unlucky, but this is the first time I've heard of them dropping in SH UQ's.

Def good to know. Is it only from the bosses or random mobs in AQ?

I was able to get a DS 13* with sweet stats on em!! so lucky!! 😊

@Someguy503 I can't say what it dropped from exactly, I would assume from a mob or rare mob. We should be able to see the Quest Log once maintenance is done, hopefully it details where the drops came from.

@SeijinNoboru I am kinda sad that I got a 7 slot Nox drop lol. Wish it were a 13* with those kinda slots.

@John-Paul-RAGE The log doesn't tell you what drops it, unless they changed how the logs function.

@John-Paul-RAGE Trust me there will be more chances to get those sweet 13*!😁