[NGS] Caught this meseta bug on FOOTAGE

Ok this is what happened exactly. I was in a party in rank 2 mt magnus. Then I converted some weapons into cash, then I teleported to central city ryuker device. Then I tried to deposit my 22k meseta. It didn't let me deposit, only withdraw. Then I knew what would happen so I logged out of the game to go back to the title menu then logged back in to central city. And of course my meseta was approximately halved into 11k. This video is me right after teleporting to central city with 22k: https://streamable.com/4lw536 Then after logging back in after logging out to restore my meseta deposit ability(This happened to me before so I knew this would restore it at the cost of taking your meseta) and then the meseta I had is gone https://streamable.com/oylwrp

Another filmed instance of the bug. This time it happens directly after teleporting https://streamable.com/nte9gn

Please PSO 2 compensate players by giving everyone 20k or something

bro I lost nearly 100k. I thought I was going insane so I checked the forums and I saw this. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one.