NEED to fix multiplayer

For a game that is allegedly a Massively MULTIPLAYER online RPG, the Multiplayer is horrible. My Dad and I are already done after a single MEH play session until/unless it gets fixed.

The party support in particular is absolutely pathetic:

  1. Why on earth in this day and age are story missions solo only? This is a massively MULTIPLAYER game. If we want to go through the story as a party with our friends, LET US. If it makes it easier because it makes it harder to balance, WHO BLOODY CARES. This was marginally tolerable in "Normal" PSO2 as the story was largely separated out, didn't really gate progress, and was almost entirely just a bunch of cutscenes with maybe an extremely trivial "easy mode" fight every so often. And PSO2 was, obviously, an old game when devs arguably didn't know any better. THEY NO LONGER HAVE THAT EXCUSE.
  2. Just like quest objective tracking there should be an (optional of course) indicator for direction/distance to the other member(s) of your party. (Probably options for All/Leader/None.)
  3. Add the ability to tag party members with some sort of symbol over their head so they are easily discernable in a crowd.
  4. Add an option to teleport to a party member so if one or more party members has trouble jumping up a cliff, (say they're bad it it,) or simply misses a jump and falls way down, they can simply teleport to the person that was successful to make it easier to keep the group together.
  5. Once 1 is addressed, I'm dubious how well the BP gating system for story content will work when playing in a party. Having a play session come to a screeching halt because one member of the group doesn't have high enough BP and needs to upgrade in order to do the next bit of story and there isn't much else to do other than grind dailies or w/e doesn't sound terribly fun. This system already seems somewhat controversial, my suggestion is either only enforce it while playing solo, or make it a recommendation, not a requirement for story content.

Not entirely multiplayer, but FIX THE LAG. Seems like half the time we were playing, the other person didn't look like they were moving, and were just standing there. Also true with many fights against enemies where the enemies were just standing there letting you wail on them until suddenly "poof", all the damage would be done at once and they would die.

My guy... you're aware this game came out 3 days ago right? lol. they literally merged NGS into the same servers as PSO2 so that you can use the same character across both games and it's hard on the server with the huge player base. all of your complaints are things that can, and likely will be fixed with future updates and patches.

My guy... You do realize that your defense only explains the lag, right? Which isn't even the primary concern here? (hence being listed last, and off topic?)

Points 1 & 5 are conscious decisions on the part of the devs that probably took more effort to do than NOT doing them. Points 2-4 are largely simple inexperience with a more open world game. (particularly one as tricky to navigate as this one) and has little to do with server load.

And yes, I realize they can all be fixed. Hence the title. Hopefully they WILL all be fixed. I WANT to see them fixed. But if nobody points out, "Hey, devs, this sucks, here's one way you can make it better" the devs may not realize it NEEDS fixing. After all, they (apparently) did 1&5 on purpose.