[NGS] Materials not respawning

This is pure speculation (because we don't know the actual material respawn timers), but its seems like material respawns are broken. I haven't had any ore respawn in over 24 hours, wasn't able to complete the dailies yesterday or today because lobsters and fruit didn't respawn at all since day 2, and have had issues with plenty of other resources as well. Everything seemed fine on Thursday, so I'm assuming one of the maintenance updates that got pushed this weekend broke something with the timers.

I'm at the point where there isn't much point in playing because I can't limit break my weapons due to the lack of ore, and I'll most likely miss out on the collection dailies as well.

@EasyMuffin I can say it working for some. Each person has there own issue why it not working.

Crowded Server/Lag causing not to spawn.
User not receiving data or delay loading from server.
Spawned, but not visually there.

Sometime is Steam causing problems. Just wait for next Maintenance on Wednesday to fix this issue.

@Commander-Rass Is there confirmation that they'll be fixing this issue posted anywhere? I haven't seen the team publicly acknowledge this bug.

@EasyMuffin They partly know because of the other issues that effects this.

@EasyMuffin As what @Commander-Rass has been saying is about right but with Ore spawns, I've been keeping track of the hours it takes for them to respawn (but due to the issues it's been hard too.. ) but so far the time I've seen is about 40-48 Hours for Ore Nodes to respawn and Green Boxes/Yellow Boxes. Food/Tree Nodes seem to respawn every 24 hours (Daily) but as again with what @Commander-Rass Said you won't see them half the time but can still pick it up/grab.

Mainly need to wait for a update to fix these issues.

@Zone Not to be rude, but your anecdotal evidence is absolutely no help to anyone here. Many of us are having issues with resources not spawning at all, so you keeping tracking of your timers doesn't help anyone except yourself and maybe other people not having this particular issue.

I'm aware that I need to wait for an update for a fix, I'm submitting this to add my voice to many others, hoping that more players submitting will speed up the process. I'm not looking for help, unless someone can give me an explicit workaround - and currently, there aren't any.