Beginning Aelio Town cutscene causes disconnect and error 630

I just started the game, and was able to get through the movement and basic combat tutorials, before collecting the heal-y plants and then was instructed to glide over to Aelio Town. I successfully glided and got to the question objective. The screen would begin loading the cutscene, only to give the No630 error and return me to the main menu. Even after re-logging in, and launching into the game with the same character, I get the loading tunnel then back to the same position, with the No630 error again. I even tried creating a new character and playing the opening again, but I got the same issue.

Any idea what's going on?

Ship 2, and it's before I even see any NPCs in Aelio Town. Also, I tried to verify files through steam, which resulted in the game uninstalling itself so I guess we will see if that fixes the issue or not, only at 35.6 GB / 81.9 GB.