please fix this bug....Explore the target Cocoon Facility

I have this bug, I cannot proceed...PLEASE fix it

This may seem strange, but try upgrading a skill if you haven't already done so. It looks like they did some modification to how the quest flows here. My Dad had logged out a few days prior after doing the intro section already getting the quest to explore the cocoon, I had logged out a few days prior only after accessing the first Ruyker device. When I finished that quest, I then had a two part quest to both explore the cocoon AND upgrade a skill. I knew (having done it on an alt) that the next quest was to upgrade a skill, so we did the cocoon first. For my dad it advanced to the next quest (upgrading a skill) but for me It didn't even check off the explore cocoon task. However when I upgraded a skill, the quest completed anyways.