Story mission "Create Multi Weapon" Charging 50k meseta minimum

I barely have 10k. this alt I guess is never going to be a thing.

doing ur daily and weekly missions will give the most mesata.

Just play the game ^^ The money usually comes to you automatically. If you do all quests and missions, inc dailys etc you make multipe 100k`s until lv 15. Probably even a million.

im lv 15 with this character, have my 4 star twingun and 2 others on +20, my 3 armor parts as well. Both main weapons, ranger and gunner, have lv 1, the other one lv 2 unlocked. Fully augmented and i still have 400k left. Without access to the shop btw.

But im not saying the game s ok as it is. One doesnt have any choice so far.... you simply have to do everything the game offers + grinding. Every single quest there is, every upgrade you can possibly do. You have to mining, you have to farm fruits. No choice but doing it all until lv 20.

Not the best gamedesign.... imo. I hope the game will change and opens a lot more possibilities in the future. Im fan of pso since v1 on Dreamcast and have some fun with ngs so far, it brings back many memories. But i really hope they improve the flow of the game.

I'm fairly sure its not supposed to, the point flew way over your heads...

I know I didn't pay more than a couple thousand the first time on my main.

for the multiweapon? I dont think its was only a few k. 50 sounds right, it was a lot for that point in time for me too. But after 30 minutes doing things (daily, weekly etc) i could buy it.

Considering I had no way to make over a few thousand meseta when I first did it, I am 100% sure.

This is the one the STORY MAKES YOU DO, before you can even unlock the forest.