Mostly unresponsive Menus in old game PSO2

Hey All,

As sort of a follow up to my last post I entered as my main into NGS enough to skip the prologue and be in Central City.

I then logged back out and the [PSO2] option was lit up/selectable. After entering the good old Oracle Ship Lobby. It seemed all well. But then I noticed nothing beyond and initial selection would happen. And after selecting something from the Main Menu it simply disappears and nothing happens.

Then I went back into NGS thinking maybe I needed to progress a little more. Because of some idea of underlying game data not being complete. In NGS the only Main Menu option that was still locked was the World Map. I progressed far enough by going to that first Cacoon and Ryuker to the east. World Map unlocked.

Went back into PSO2. And same Main Menu nothingness. Anything where there is a prompt. Selecting a choice results in being back to your char standing there. Quest Counters, Block Transfer, Main Menu all fall back to before you initially pulled up or interacted with it.

NGS seems fine in terms of all this. It was also interesting PSO2 only had 8 Blocks. But understandable all things considered of course.


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After some more testing with my new char from NGS transporting to PSO2. For whatever reason for me the (B) Button on my Xbox Controller is now both initial access AND in-menu etc. selector. And the (A) Button is the canceler. Whereas before it was (B) to initially access and (A) would be the selector. Its kind of like your mouse buttons getting swapped around when you go to someone else's house or something.

In NGS though it is as I've always been accustomed. (B) for initial accessing and canceling back and out of menus etc. And (A) does all that selecting in and down into menus etc.

Weird.. ;~/ ..this is going to take some getting used to for the old game/PSO2. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Update #2

Hooray for finding out it was a certain lack of observation on my part. It wasn't until several other things looked off/out of place. It occurred to me that the PSO2 part of the game had been reset to default settings as best as I can tell. After running through all of the options and settings. There was a place where you could specify what button "Confirms" and what button "Cancels". So I was able to swap (A) and (B) to "normal".

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OMG thank you so much for figuring this out! It's been driving me crazy! I certainly owe you one lol. Thanks! 🐈 🌸