PSO2 Endgame Gear VS. NGS Endgame Gear

Hello All!

So I hit 20/20 yesterday and im close to maxing out my weapons and im still a quarter of the way to maxing/augmenting my units.

I'm hovering around BP 1300-1330 and I was wondering if there were any base game players who hit 20/20 recently and see how the stats all match up.

Of course as time goes on NGS will outscale (hopefully) but I am just a little curious about what their launch numbers looked like for stats.

And for anyone wondering the same thing, my friend hit 1200 bp yesterday at lvl 12 with 4 skill points (4 for each class specifically) so that's what spurred this on.

Thank you and Have a nice day!

While not 20/20. I'm 17/13. +40 4 star Wep, +10 2 star units, 20 skill points invested into main and sub class. and my BP was 1240 last I looked at it? I'm working on a set of 4 star units and a 4 star Multiweapon. Sounds like your friend is missing out on no less than 50 BP alone in skill points. (I don't remember entirely but I think 20/20 skill points was somewhere like 70 BP, give or take)

don't forget that the game is only a week old and just as with pso2 there's still more to come down the road 🛣

@HeebieJeebez Although not exactly the numbers you're looking for, you may find some useful info on Page 2 of this thread

@HeebieJeebez you would need all 20 points invested in your main an sub class, 4* weapon max enchanced, fully augmented an lv 3 potential, 4* units max enchanced an augmented.

investing the 20 skill points is 60 bp for the class so main an sub grants 120 once done

WELP, i can safely say the new stuff is better. Hit 1400 BP yesterday, found out weapon abilities do not increase bp, and 4* units are overrated except for a 3% increase to melee potency (currently sitting at 52-53% with my build (+40 Cattleya Knucks Lvl. 4 pot, lvl 5 fixa attack, 3 2* units at +40 with fixa enthusia/performa (i have two sets to test with), and each with about 5-6% melee pot from augs)). instead of paying millions for more bp to just need 1184, i recommend scouring the market for 2* lvl 5's in your BIS, instead of 50 mil a unit its 110k (my friend had the idea when they were at 50k). Less survivability but more dps which is perfect for me. Also the ex cube expenditure was a little unneeded but i still have two left over (1% potency = 5 ex cubes LOL)

all in all prob ran through 20 mil of materials when i wouldnt be able to get one perfect BASE qual de armor: Arga with a LVL 5 soooooooo worth. I deal 1300-1500 on my hardest hit with weak point and blight rounds and about 500 dps non weak point. PB last hit range 15-3500 dmg, no crit.

One last thing is i found that BP = Gear score, not how much dmg you do. I didnt know this until my buddy was doing the same or more dps then me and we were both 1200~, same main/sub. So dont minmax for BP, just enough to get into the high tier content. You could even go further and just use a shitty 4* to get in with klausz's on and switch weapons in the instance. IDK what klausz units are but the fastest fleeting fight for knuckles has 3, granted i havent practiced it enough so I can only get a sub 50 (better timing on counter hits).

All in all thank you for the replies ^.^ first post hype!!