Having Trouble With Limit Breaking Weapons (SOLVED)

As the title suggests, I'm having a problem with limit breaking weapons. I am currently trying to complete the "How to Limit Break" side quest in order to progress further into the story. However, when I go over to the Item Lab Enhancement Technician and try to limit break a weapon, the yes button is greyed out even though I have all of the necessary meseta and materials. I have tried logging out and logging back in, exiting the game and opening up the game again, and finally a fresh reinstall of the game but the problem still persists. Is anyone else having the same problem? Is there a fix for this?

Edit: This problem has been solved! It turns out I can't read the menus properly and that I needed more materials in order to limit break. These menus can be confusing at times!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm this may sound dumb and mean but the only two things I can think of is either you were trying to limit break a base pso2 item or a 4 star item. If its neither, then I would send in a bug report, sorry!

@HeebieJeebez Yea it is neither of those and no worries no offense taken! I get that those are the two most common mistakes people make but in my case, I am trying to limit break a one star pso2:ngs weapon. Could you tell me where I can submit a big report?

No clue, never done it sorry.