Pso2 to NGS block transfer

Is it just me but when I go it NGS I have no problem but when i use the towers to transfer to PSO2 i can get their but i can't do anything else apart from move and can't transfer back to NGS via the block transfer

@ghastlyghost150 Hmm, that's worrisome, does it do the same thing when you load into base PSO2 directly from the character select screen (i.e. not via block transfer from within NGS)?

This hasn't happened to me, but I play on XBox with a controller and when I first logged into base PSO2 my A button and B button had been switched when navigating menus. This made me think that something was seriously wrong as when I tried to switch blocks by clicking the A button I'd actually close the menu. But after going into the controller options (using the B button) I was able to re-map the buttons back to normal.