[NGS] Crashes upon startup, teleportation

I tried to teleport to the Ryuker in Halphana Wetlands, and my game completely closed out. I tried multiple times to log back in, and every time, it closed the instant the loading screen after character select plays. Seeing the only other report of this bug mentioning success at least entering NGS if going through PSO2 blocks, I tried that; while entering PSO2, the screen went black, reverted to a zoomed-in version of my normal cursor instead of the special in-game one, and lagged on that screen for a while, though not awfully. While transferring over to NGS, the game did the same thing, however, it lagged on the black screen for MUCH longer―really thought it was going to crash, but it let me in. Unlike the other person, once I got in again, it didn't crash if I tried to teleport anywhere, and seemed to be running fine. I logged out to test what would happen if I tried entering through NGS again, and it now lets me in normally, so I'm not sure what happened; my error may potentially have fixed itself somehow (for now), but since someone else has reported this, I imagine we're not the only two people to experience it.

I got the same issue right now 2 gaming PC doing the same thing. Only difference is they both crash after character selection now during the wormhole animation. One computer was playing the game just fine since launch. Today it broke on me. when I log out it threw me PSO2.exe error. Tried to relog and it too start crashing after character creation. 2 computer doing the same thing is not a coincidence. There is a bug in the game that's crashing people in the wormhole.

This is the issue I suddenly started having yesterday. I can only get into NGS by first going to base PSO2 and then going to a NGS block but I can't leave Central City by any means or the game crashes. It also crashes when I try changing block or going to the salon. I am also on PC.

@lantice13_dizon @Hitorietelier have you find the solution yet? Another user found that you need to delete SEGA folder on your My documents. It will treat you as a new user if you logged in, but you will still find your character/account bound and the crashing will gone. Do back up your folder first before deleting it.

It solved the crashing for me and other users so it should give you the same results.

After getting plagued with various severities of this glitch a thousand times over, I found the exact file that, at least for me, seems to be causing the problem. I individually deleted practically every damn file in my SEGA folder and would open the game after each file to see if it would still crash, and deleting item_name_cache_na immediately solved the crashing. Tested multiple times, and every time, this was the cause. Absolutely no impact deleting any other file. So you shouldn't have to delete the whole folder, just item_name_cache_na.

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