[NGS] PSO2 character model appears differently to others

Agreed. Already submitted a ticket. Advised my Alliance to do the same.

@Kiba-Miyata It's been several days since I submitted mine, and still no response from staff. There may be a backlog of issues, but I hope they aren't trying to blow this one off.

Lets not forget either, that the game has a LOD issue too, as well as the old style hairs getting a graphical downgrade in terms of their materials. The reflections on hair were generally color matched, and it made the hairs have a nice luster. They're now flat and plasticy.

Put simple, converting the old models to the game seems to have been rushed, or deliberate design choices that make old items not usable or aesthetically displeasing has been made. The old hairs looked better before, outfits and outerwear cause glitches, some accessories don't work with NGS.

Kind of paints a really peculiar picture (considering PSO2 normal is supported for 5 more years in their words. The graphic engine update is also only messing up the Level of Detail on Old PSO avatars, by the way. AKA someone standing right next to you, and having their outfits and eyes be pixelated.

Granted the LOD issue shows up in cutscenes too. PSO Graphic Glitch.jpg

@Miss-Maxie If you submit your bug, they're going to forward it to Feedback and Suggestions, most likely. I've submitted 2 bugs, the hair issue, and the outfit bloom (where outfits expand to absurd levels if your character is not as thin as a literal picket fence). PSO2 old had bad outfit bloom, but usually only on thiccer avatars (an you could tweak around it).

But NGS outfit bloom is extreme, even on what visually appear to be thin avatars. The skirts on some outfits clip to my damned elbow.

@Commander-Rass I'm pretty sure it is a bug. This same thing happened to me, I went into the Salon and came back out without changing any items and my friend was able to see my character as normal again.

@DKGJustus Yups, that’s a temporary fix. After a while your character goes back to the bulky/pale slider.



I was so happy with the improvements to the salon desync, was able to make radically different bodies for popping out of present boxes! ❤

But sadly due to the client visual issue, I don’t go back to my original height. 😕

Still no fix after maintenance. No mention of it in the bug fix report. Still no reply back from SEGA on my submitted bug report ticket on this PSO2 Outerwear/Outfit bug.

Well, we can post a video if the bug on twitter and tag the channel; see their response. Or maybe do a stream of the bug by some of the big name streamers. Just an idea...

@Kiba-Miyata Same here. I'm starting to think that they are deliberately ignoring this in order to get more players to buy NGS scratches and content...

@Miss-Maxie That could be the reason. Although, I heard it's fixed in JP servers. Wonder why they'd leave it in for Global players.

Hope SEGA takes a look at this and the other thread related to this bug. (Trying to get this bumped up)

Yes, I’d love to buy bugged content. XD

@tute107 Probably the best option left available to try, honestly. Can understand a fix taking a while but not even acknowledging it means that anything short of a surge of people badgering them about it won't be motivation enough.

They replied back to me via Twitter. lol Kept posting a tweet about this bug per each recent Official PSO2 Twitter post(which was like I think 3 posts): Untitled.png

Finally some good new on the matter! I definitely won’t miss being a pale hulking horror for ppl to see. XD