[NGS] PSO2 character model appears differently to others


once the new salon came out, i unloaded some of the costumes i've hoarded over the last couple months. However, once done a friend pointed out that my character looks weird. i asked him to make a screenshot, then sent him a screenshot of how i was supposed to look like. you can just see for yourself:


friend's screenshot, my character appears bulky and taller, accessories are missing aswell


the screenshot i took and how my character actually looks like

We found a way to evade it, if i log in or leave the salon while not wearing an Outwear, my character appears normal. This however means, that Outwear is unusable at the moment :/. It's also noteworthy that the Weapon Camo of my friend doesn't work on my screen.

I've seen people talking about it in the ngs forum, but couldn't find a thread in the bug report forum. There is also no notice about this bug in the ngs announcement, so i hope i can spread some awareness. If you didn't know about this bug before and are also using the old model, you should ask a friend to send you a screenshot, cuz it might be broken too.

(sorry for low res pictures, playing on a toaster ;_;)

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Edit: i should probably mention that i'm the character on the right, haha

@Name-User Some of this not a bug... They said that NGS character models are not able to use all PSO items. Converting models isn't prefect and might cause slight errors. This might be resolve after a few updates.


@Commander-Rass said in [NGS] PSO2 character model appears differently to others:

@Name-User Some of this not a bug... They said that NGS character models are not able to use all PSO items. Converting models isn't prefect and might cause slight errors. This might be resolve after a few updates.


I don't want to be rude, but i've just read the paragraphs regarding fashion items and sega never mentioned what you just said. The article only says, that some PSO2 cosmetics become unavailable for NGS character models and vice versa. I'm only using a PSO2 character model + PSO2 Accessories, there shouldn't be a conflict, thus calling it a bug is justified. I hope sega knows about this and resolves the issue quickly. I'm just raising awareness that's all.

For the record, this issue is happening to myself and others as well. For example, my characters keep having their skin color show to others as all white. In other instances, Weapon Camos aren’t showing. Me and my wife each have an Xbox Series S to play this game together with, on two separate TVs in the living room. We literally confirmed this to be true. I fixed my camo issue on her screen by removing it and re-equipping. But then it later on it wasn’t showing as equipped to someone else.

I had some luck fixing the character model issue by switching to a saved look from PSO2 that didn’t have the T2 Body Type listed. The skin color looked fine. But then the moment I saved over it using the NGS Salon it was having that issue again.

Please take Bug Reports like this seriously. Character Customization is a major component of the game for players. If your character isn’t being rendered to others the same way you see them on your screen then it sorta defeats the purpose.

Also for the record, I have no interest in converting my existing characters to the new Body Type. I’ll make a new character for that. Please fix the issues regarding the PSO2 Body Type for NGS. I spent good amount of time and money investing in said characters.

I've seen someone on Discord say it's a buffer overflow caused by equipping PSO2 outerwears that's only visible to other players, though I'm not sure how accurate that is.

There are a couple of topics here and on reddit about this dont worry https://forum.pso2.com/topic/12257/ngs-old-body-face-character-skin-color-changes-from-others-perspective/12?_=1623649241875 You'd hope Sega definitely knows by this point

Though its the first time I seen people complain about missing accessories too

Bumping this, as it is a major issue and should really be brought forward, or at least confirmed to be an issue.



First shot is what I look like on my screen, the second is my friend's screen. Most notibly different between the two is my skin colour, but if you happen to look closer, you can notice my shoulders are really bulky in the second image as well. I'll try to get some better pictures later, my friend's legs literally turned into sticks across mine and other player's screens.

The fact that the Patch Notes for the Maint didn’t even include this as a confirmed issue is rather unsettling. If you have to take longer to fix this issue, fine. But at least address it and indicate to the players that you’ll be fixing it. PSO2 literally makes it’s money off of cosmetics and the Character Customization. There is quite clearly a bug impacting these features.

EDIT: Was misinformed, thought this had been fixed, but Japan is apparently getting the bug still as well.


Well, that's disheartening to hear. It's definitely slammed the brakes on my and a few friends' excitement for the release, and hearing that SEGA's deliberately left it in for global definitely doesn't help that.

@Saga-Saga I really hope that’s not the case. I’d like to still give them the benefit of the doubt that perhaps it just missed their radar. The Bug Report section seems to be flooded with all manner of other issues.

For what it's worth, I submitted a support ticket today regarding this issue. The more we raise awareness through all the means we have, the higher chance of it being acknowledged! Attached pic shows my char with the bug. outerwear_bug.jpg

@tute107 I would like to know if they ever get in touch with you! I'm still awaiting a response for this same issue. I don't know what their turnaround time is, but it's been almost 24 hours since I've sent in the bug report.

@Miss-Maxie No response from support yet. However, given their track record, it may take up to a week to see one. Thats about how long it took last time I submitted a ticket for another issue.

I submitted one too. It links to this and other discussions (from here and Reddit) pertaining to this bug and the bug related to being unable to hide NGS male body setwear in the Salon.

Hope everyone else submits one.