The game stuck in loading page

I am stuck in loading page 2 days, I just create an character and start to loading, Then game is loading forever, I want some medhod can fix this bug (The loading page can run but I can't play just loading)

Same here. Nothing seems to help with it...

@ayu I think we can just wait

trying to reinstall the game atm, but it might take me a while ;-;

@ayu I try it in yesterday,but it can't help me,I am too sad

@楓玥Yan What platform you using?

By the way,my game data is 90↑GB,I think data is complete

@楓玥Yan Currently many players are having issues with Steam. I suggest to use Microsoft Store/X-box App version. You can link account your steam and X-box. That will transfer your data.

@Commander-Rass I also tried it,But that version have The Bigger problem,The game even can't loading opening

@楓玥Yan Do you meet the system requirement?

When last you update Windows and your graphics card driver? Those should be updated.

@Commander-Rass The equipment generally meets the minimum requirements, but it is not a particularly high configuration

@楓玥Yan It wouldn't hurt to update software. This could solve other issues. At least eliminate some known issues.

If nothing better? Just hope a maintenance patch will fix your issue this Wednesday.

@Commander-Rass Thanks your reply,I also wish I can play that in next Wednesday