PSO NG resources

mats respawn after the daily reset (when new daily quests are available) tho there is a bug when materials wont respawn if you got them as a daily quest...even after relogging - changing blocks - restarting the game every hour - this got reported multiple times already - never heard of minerals being bugged tho...maybe you are one of the unlucky ones who is experiencing a new one

the server lag got nothing to do with the respawn tho....i could lag 30 seconds and still see the mats....since there are fixed respawn points and no random ones you can easily go there - type smth in chat - and if theres no mat after your message is being sent then yea you might be experiencing a bug check minerals and go to the locations pointed out on the map on that website - if theres nothing there then smth must be wrong for sure

@Aquila-ibis I've also been experienceing the lack of mineral respawns. it really sucks, cause it gates BP gains so much

i know there is a "bug" happening atm but after going over the past few days, i noticed not all mining nodes spawn in the same location, there are multiple "hot spots" of materials in each zone and each hot spot can yield differing amounts each day because the ones that are not there are in another location, there is also 3 other ways to obtain materials, a rare spawn gold box, "stella packs" a trial wwhere you have to clear mobs off a container and the final one i actually forgot to mention and i remember now is the item trader for n-grinders.

@Zeke said in PSO NG resources:

Well the next major content patch with a new zone and continued story(level cap 35) will be in winter. Roughly translate to around Christmas time.

Should the more adamant players stick around grinding every 48 ours for nodes then they're likely to have an abundance of them. By that time we're likely to have new weapon rarity and people will have the resources to upgrade them right off the bat.

I think Sega is thinking long term rather than short term gratification. That said the freaking veggies, fruits and seafood should be on a 12 hour respawn and not 24 hour. It's so freaking stupid.

Do you seriously believe that the new zone and all eventual new zones won't have new materials? That every new set of weapons/armor won't need the new materials you gather from the new zone? You obviously have never played a grindy game... Right off the bat everyone will be funneled to the new zone to abandon the old ones and the cycle will continue as any new player is left in the dust.