[NGS] Unable to complete Gather Fruits at Central Aelio and Complete Daily Tasks Daily Tasks

For me, the only saving grace is that even if you fail to complete that type of daily mission every day of the week, you can likely still complete your weeklies where the legit rewards lie. Missing that one quest still leaves netting 3/5 dailies possible & it seems we still only need to complete 15 dailies for the weekly big mission so at least we aren't totally screwed by this. We just gotta get 3 dailies done 5 days out of a 7 day week which is doable given that two are pretty hard not to complete if wanna bother at all & the third is usually a kill quest for some place you likely already have access to. It's solemn comfort I know, but it is what it is til something happens one way or another right? Does seem like a bug to me though or at least an oversight. They should definitely consider doing something at least however they choose to go about it. Even those small amounts or exp & money can add up.

The completing all dailies is the only reward I'm interest in. The game won't respawn photon chunks for me. Leaving the daily as my only option. But can can't even do that because they keep giving me a collect daily every day.

@taerse to submit a bug report go to the support section on ngs.pso2.com

and click contact us

@TURION-MOONSTAR Unable to. I seem to be getting into a login loop as part of the system. Looks like it's trying to treat me as a new account and requiring a new email address and outright rejecting me when I enter my email address... Is it possible that the ticket not recognizing me because I'm logging in as my Steam account if I previously used Microsoft to authenticate? ...ah, I'll try the other login method.

@taerse Figured out the problem logging into the support desk. It was not happy I was authenticating via Steam and not Microsoft since I previously used Microsoft to submit.

Things are noticeably improved since maintenance. The patch notes say:

"Fixing a Bug Where Gathering Items Do Not Appear Correctly."

It looks like that may have been a fix for the issue I was experiencing.