[NGS] Unable to complete Gather Fruits at Central Aelio and Complete Daily Tasks Daily Tasks

I am now on Day 3 of no peaches. The South Aelio cave with the cocoon continues to have no mineral respawns. All of the other fruit trees that I encounter on my way between the two locations also continue to be empty. I am unable to confirm getting ANY respawns of any material gathering nodes. These nodes have all been missing for 3+ days.

The issue you guys are having is already know to the developers. its a Bug that has yet to be fixed where all gathering Material (e.G. Ores, Fruits, etc.) will not respawn. I also traveled thought the whole map in hope to find some trinite and photon chunks. its sucks, but try to be patient.

If it's known, it really should have an announcement on the player site: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/latest

so i browsed though the forum for a bit and i really thought it would be a bug, i believed i also read something about it. yet in a forum post i discovered a article regarding the Beta of PSO2: NG wich states ore respawn times are intended to be kinda low, so the leveling is gradual.

in a grinding game, stupid move. i like the game, its really fun, yet i do consider jumping off cause im not wasting my time on a grinder, wich doesnt want me to grind for my gear but instead wants me to wait for proress


The beta post if you are interested

@Sideclaw I'm aware of what the beta was like having participated and about that post. I think this is outside of the scope of what they're talking about there and that it's possible that they misunderstood the complaints about spawns during the beta. This seems like something above and beyond what they've talking about in regards to the spawn rate. We have people who are having no difficulty completing the daily tasks with the available respawns and others who cannot because literally nothing is respawning. Something is flat out wrong.

Then i sure hope ist just a Bug. i believed the respawns worked fine for me until sunday, then monday nothing was available ๐Ÿ˜„

would be sad if its not a bug, cause its a pretty nice game


Most likely itโ€™s not a bug, and they intended us to upgrade stuff at a snailโ€™s pace. Like how are we supposed to do dailies, not harvest until told to? ๐Ÿ˜•

@Pariah-Chan yeah considering that post i already gave my opinion. pretty bad move in a grinder game


see here

I understand your opinion, but Iโ€™m having to juggle like 3 of the same topics trying to resolve any frustrations anyone has

dont worry ๐Ÿ˜„ i probably wont touch the game unless the devs drasticly change the respawn timer.

e.G. make it dailly like most games do but decrease the number of spawns.

many options, lot to choose from. we'll see ^^

It seems like it is either that the respawn time doesn't count time offline or that you have to be online during the daily reset not sure which it is but I think it is one of them.

@Weirdo but people who work at the time of a daily reset its impossible to progress

also i kinda dont wanna leave the pc on 24/7 just fo be able to farm stuff

if its just the absence at the time of reset, easy to fix imo

I think that is probably a bug. I am just stating what I gathered from my own personal research into it. In no way do I think that this is ok.

lets hope so ^^ maybe we'll see an official statement within the next days regarding this topic

@Sideclaw I mean even if it isn't actually a bug, it seems like the sort of thing that needs to be reevaluated because that would then make the intended design be contradictory to accomplishing the daily tasks.

Game: go collect this stuff

Also Game: trollololol, good luck, I didn't respawn any of those nodes for you

At this point I am leaning towards it being a bug though. There's been some community investigation (including some posts on Reddit,) hopefully some of the information that players are trying to look into and pull together helps.

Until then: NOISE NOISE NOISE, please look into this.