Infinite loading, unable to contact support.

It started happening for the first time after a cutscene with the quest to escape to some kind of cave, up to that point everything worked. Now I've tried everything I found suggested here (turning off system protections, I was never even logged into OneDrive on this PC so nothing is blocking any folders, etc etc), nothing works. On top of it, I can't even seem to contact the support, it redirects me to a blank page while I'm logged in and claims I'm not logged in... Will anything be done about it? I was recommended this game and would really like to get into it, but I can't find any solution here, never experienced anything like that playing quite a few online games.

@ayu Never turning off system protections for Windows. Turn those back on.

What platform you using?

Steam (I saw your suggestion in another thread, but Microsoft store is weird for me and won't react to me clicking the button to get the game), I turned all the protections back on right after realising that nope, even that won't work...

@ayu Update Windows, make sure you Microsoft account is working. If not, contact Microsoft support.

If nothing better? Just hope for a maintenance patch on Wednesday fix your issue..

as it looks like it's not just me having this issue, I'll count on the patch for now and hope it will be fixed, I've never had to do more than make a game an exception for the firewall so my brain is a bit fried from trying everything I could x)

@ayu I don't know how your firewall setup. I had to make no changes.

For me the game was allowed through it by default, it's just the first thing I check when I have trouble launching games. Also, having to pause the download and resume it later on should not cause any issues, right?