The Pathfinders> Is a New/18+/Social Alliance in Halpha! With us you can take your time after IRL stuff to grind your levels/Gear/Currency at your own pace!

We will ofc will do events with the alliance once everyone settled in. So, wanna help us grow and help defend the hope against the evil DOLLS? Then join the discord and ask for an invite! 😄

We are mostly a EU alliance but everyone is welcome!

Our discord is part of (The Gaming Pathfinders) Discord community. The TGP is a small Multi-Games community.

Our req are :

  1. 18+ years of age 2.Must speak and understand english well enough. 3.For big events like raids a mic is a must!

Once you have joined pls read the Mee6 bot and do what it said so you can get some roles. Discord Link :