There needs to be a few serious changes to how camos work:

You should be able to equip more than one weapon camo, with exceptions for if there's any overlap obviously, that or you should be able to apply camo on a per-weapon basis. The fact that in all the years this game has been in operation, this still hasn't been fixed is just utterly baffling.

Players should be able to exchange our less powerful weapons for camos for our stronger weapons instead of having to use cash-shop passes every time we want to change a weapon's appearance, this is frankly incredibly absurd as the game keeps getting new, more powerful weapons meaning players are never going to use just one pass, and only having to do it once is the way things should be in the first place. The game is already P2W-ish with lootboxes (and now a Fortnite battle pass?! Seriously?!), no one needs that much money in the first place, F2P game or not.

Lastly, units/armor should also get camos with all of the fixes mentioned above applied, there's literally no possible reason I can think of why this isn't already the case, it helps people customize their characters' appearance and with such a robust customization system it just seems plain awkward that people have to hide their units/armor instead.

In fact, all of these problems seem to go against the creative character customization freedom that the game seems to promote. Other games like FFXIV, WoW (after the transmog revamp) and DCUO (which lets you equip a secondary weapon for certain combos with both being entirely customizable like the costumes) do this sort of thing so much better. This archaic weapon camo system is more like WoW before the Transmog revamp.