Not having separate salon passes

The title says it all, why on Earth create a separate salon pass for NGS there really is no need for it. Honestly, it feels like bloat added to the game to further confuse the player base (new players). There really should be only one solan pass and that's just the 'salon pass'... Not the salon pass N, O, and P. This is just a suggestion to go nowhere and for me to voice my opinion and suggestion to keep it with the original salon pass. The same goes for the color pass, silly to even create a thread on this.

There is only one Salon Pass in NGS, the same as PSO2. They made a N-Color Pass though.

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Ah okay.

My bad I forgot about Salon Pass S, but it already existed in PSO2 as well. Only difference between it and the free one is you get an hour to freely customize your character if you have premium, its not like N-Color pass now that is absolutely required to do some new stuff.

I'd still just like everything consolidated to 1 item but that'll just be a pipe dream.

And I would like stuff to be split even more. It feels like a waste to use an entire salon pass if I just want to change my hair color.

It kinda already lets you do that FYI, the color pass is for the outfits. But hey if you want to spend more SG for just one change fine-tuning be my guest.

I want them to split salon passes into full salon passes that let you body morph and simple hair color change pass that would be relatively abundant.

I'd like them to not charge sg for some of the things in the salon in general. Hair color is one imo, since from a fashion perspective could make or break an outfit. I also don't see why newman ears cost SG to change at all when duman horns don't.