Unable to Complete Gathering Daily Tasks or Red Box Task

Yesterday, I was unable to gather enough seafood in North Aelio to complete the daily task. With the task focused and having explored the entire sector countless times, I was only able to reach 8/10. I tried going to other regions and gathering, switched to different blocks and rooms, ran around the ENTIRE map, even reinstalled the game but nothing. Since I started playing, I've gathered anything I can see but I feel like nodes are either disappearing or just not respawning.

And today it's even worse. Now I'm stuck at 8/10 fruits from Central Aelio, one I thought I surely wouldn't have issues with. That's only 4 trees/nodes! But after going through the entire sector multiple times I think it's safe to assume there is some issue with gathering things in this game.

Also, the rest of my time is spent searching for the last Red Container in Mt. Magnus. I've spent almost 3 days straight and used outside resources to find the container locations but I am still stuck at 112/113.

I don't know if it's some issue with communicating between the game client and server or if things just won't load in, but it's getting ridiculous. If you wanna say I just suck at finding things go ahead, but I've spent way too much time looking for these things that I'm honestly about to quit at this rate. Which is a shame since, minus the terrible lag I can partially excuse, I've been enjoying the game.

The respawn rates are just really ass.

Yeah, I thought that too. Forgot to mention it. I just wish they could figure out some way to not give us daily tasks that are impossible to complete. Like, maybe at least spawn/respawn enough nodes to make the task doable or something.

@SelfInsertion They should just put back the gathering from base PSO2. I had a lot of fun with those. Pulling insane fevers was super rewarding as well.