Okay, thoughts on New Genesis

Which doesn't mean that NGS is magically excused because "og pso2 was the same". In truth, this pretty much only says that og pso2 was just as much low effort garbage, which resulted in 4k players left on steam in the end. PSO1 was heavly flawed but it managed to motivate for much longer. Additionally, mmos were pretty new back then (PSO1 isn't an mmo technically). PSU and everything related to that game wasn't an improvement (in fact the media called it mediocre at best). PSU was in fact so bad that they stop using the name and went back to PSO, because that was the only game a lot of people had good memories of. I can't believe I am saying this but even a HD Remaster of pso1 would have been a ten times better and more complete game than NGS. You can't call this pile of unfinished garbage a decent game just because the combat is good. There are tons of chinese or koreans games that have decent combat. I am a big pso fan in general but I have no idea how people can still defend what sega tries to do/does. They don't even fix the lag. People are going to leave the game and the lag is probably becoming better as a result, even though the amount of players has just a slight correlation with lags.

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Game isn't ready.

While I do enjoy it, they really need to iron out all the bugs. Losing meseta because of teleporting, region changing, and now even leveling up is really bad - a looter game where your loot (money) literally just disappears. In addition to gathering nodes that had been a complaint since CBTs are still an issue on release.

I have the exact same feel.

They should not release this game at current state. Christmas would be a better time.

I feel like the absolute biggest issue is that they focused so hard on stitching the game to base PSO2 that it made everything 10 times worse. It never needed to be attached to base PSO2, but was because the playerbase would get mad if we weren't able to bring something into NGS because we only had a year, and that backfired horribly.

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@HarmlessSyan That is the thing, I will never have any issues paying my FFXIV sub, because I am getting so much out of that game no matter what I do in it. I want PSO2 NGS to feel that way too.

Not going to happen, FFXIV is a sub-based MMO, so they are somewhat obligated to give out content that way,

It goes much much deeper than that.