Weapon Camos dont work with Multi Weapons.

I am a Fighter/Hunter and i use Dual Saber and Speer as weapon and fused them. I am using a Camo which supports both weapon types however it only works for one of them and not for the other.

@Gilver-Redgrave I'm not sure if it a bug or working as it is without telling you? I think you must have 2 camo of the same thing for it to work.

Would be a kinda bad design if i need to purchase the same Camo twice. I know Sega is greedy but Sega isnt Nintendo quite yet.

I would ask anyone that has two of the same camos to test this.

Well never mind. Turns out using the same Camo times 2 does work so you need the same Camo twice if you wanna use it on two weapon types. How very Nintendo of you Sega.

@Gilver-Redgrave Sorry, that is true. Maybe they will change it later.

@Commander-Rass When was the last time Sega changed something that only remotely had the chance of making them more money ?

It's not just the case with multi-weapons on my end. Weapon camos simply only work for one weapon type at a time, at least on my steam version for sure. I know that's been reported at least twice before though largely unnoticed seemingly. I know a few of my alliance mates didn't have an issue with the camos that they could tell at the time. For a limited time I'm pretty sure it was working for me too but it suddenly stopped after I upgraded weapons or something.

As far as whether a bug or not: Based on the default function as things stand, regardless of the camo you want to use, it's set up to make that single camo available across all stated weapon types. You can in fact select said camo & apply it to all of those weapon types one after another with no issue. The problem comes when the game tries to update the visuals. If you watch closely & compare what happens with the first weapon you put it on versus the additional weapons, the change vfx does kick in but it just defaults to the default appearance & if you switch areas you'll then see that the camo item where applied beyond your primary weapon is no longer even equipped in the menu.

If I were to guess, I'd imagine that when you equip a camo to a weapon type, it attempts to make a limited duplicate of that camo for use with the other selectable weapon types but those duplicates appear to be failing some sort of legitimacy check when equipped causing the game to kick in some failsafe where it removes the camo entirely. I would personally call that a bug.

If when you selected a camo it became no longer selectable to any other weapon type, then I would say it's meant to only apply to one weapon type at a time by design however poor a decision it would be for players in the long term given what we already had. That would also go against their earlier claims about how camos would work in NGS & feel like a major/minor downgrade to many. Can't imagine that being the case on purpose despite how slow they are to acknowledge the issue. In the grand scheme though, broken camo function isn't game breaking so it likely may be a while before they prioritize it. The mentioned workaround is nice for camos that are easily obtained but many are hard to get multiples of so hopefully this gets resolved.

It definitely feels like an oversight, especially when one of the last things they added in pso2 was an all class coated camo that would fit on all weapons. 😕

@Kingpin-RBD The real bad thing about this is that duo to inflation weapon camos are worth multiple tens of million or even 100 million+. I am not gonna waste my time running cradle for some overpriced Camo because Sega made a mistake again....or wrong advertisement.

A Weapon Camo cannot be set to multiple weapon categories.

  • If it is set to multiple weapon categories, it won't be applied to the weapons listed as a second category and onwards. After performing options such as block transfer, they cause Weapon Camos set as the second or later in the order of categories to be removed from the equipment. Please set only 1 category for Weapon Camos until this issue is fixed.

Source: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/maintenance/maintenancenotes0609


So IT IS a bug after all. Good Lord what a relief....for me and by Meseta.

@Gilver-Redgrave And they've supposedly fixed it according to the patch notes for today.

Though, upon initial look... Doesn't seem to work. XD

@Taran-Tatsui Yup, also confirmed, does not work still!

and for those who say "just get 2 copies" Yeah... my Sorcerer Morus? Ain't happening. you know how RARE that thing is? seems it's going for 10 BILLION meseta on ship1. I got mine for less, but... one does not simply obtain two sorcerer morus weapon camos.

@Katilist not to mention the possibility of one with a limited availability, such as only being able to get a single one from an event or promotion...