NGS Personal Shop Broken, "Purchase Could Not Be Completed"

Can't buy anything whatsoever, get that error every single time.

all items that were listed when the maintenance occured are locked until they fix it. they can not be purchased or withdrawn from shop. sucks for those of us who had nearly full shops when maintenance occured and can only sell 2 or 3 items now til this is fixed.

however if u are just buying something try searching by time posted instead of by price as anything posted after the maintenance is still buyable

thats all the items... I've tried so many times.

like i said do a search by time posted instead. press the bottom left search button instead of bottom right. if it still every item than it either mean no one has posted any new copies since, or that the new copies already sold.

this is affecting everyone right now. and the fact post maintenance items arent affected is the only current workarround til they fix it

Well I have to run out now, when I get back I'll try again.