[NGS FASHION] Cloth Minas Rodia bug and [NGS] Shop bug

I'm JP Player and this bug probably the same as Global client as well, I tried contact JP support and they said they'll keep me in touch if they find the issue, but I don't think they will put this to priority issue. For Fashion cloth Minas Rodia have issue making cloth bigger even my character slender, it's quite annoying to look at it and make my character look more chubby, I don't even believe it was my character fault and I believe the cloth have issue, I tried various re-color still have the same issue.

alt text alt text alt text My Character are slender figure. alt text The cloth bug make it look way bigger alt text alt text This make look uncomfortable to use.

For the shop bug, I tried to sell LA pose 4 finger, the current market 500K, I tried sell at a loss for 400K but the shop feature keep forcing me to sell at the price market value, even I set 1K the moment I withdraw it automatic adjust to 500k same as price market. I tried for cloth it doesn't have that kind of issue, but for LA pose 4 keep forcing me sell at the price market 500K no matter how much value I set.

alt text This is LA Pose 4 fingers alt text This is Price market alt text alt text I sold it for 1,000 N-Mesta alt text When I tried withdraw it automatic switch to 500K N-Mesta

@Timesyndicate It is the waist settings on the character's body that causes the chubby effects on cloths. https://forum.pso2.com/topic/12039/pso2-ngs-type-2-character-model-issue-or-character-setup-model-issue

Sad that plus size women can't have tight skirts.

@Commander-Rass Mine character aren't that plus tho to be honest, my character slender type tho

alt text

I believe this should be address, restriction clothing for NGS type chara is quite wrong I think, old PSO2 don't have this kind of issue even big waste, the cloth still adjust base on the body adjustment. There are NPC same bodies type as mine too and their cloth seem to be normal compare to our character creation, I mean is SEGA telling peoples to get nice cloth and it doesn't work properly? That's clearly an issue need to be address, what if future nicer cloth with similar skirt and telling peoples have adult mature bodies to suck it up?

My character aren't even that big, just having big waist make it super chubby look alt text alt text

In order to adjust it I need to slim down waist and ruin entire character model I create and the issue still there, it just minimize it.

alt text alt text

yeah its kind of bullshit, even the default newman female cant use the skirts, you would think the DEFAULT characters would be the baseline for outfit designs but i guess not.

"Featured" AC scratch items now seem to have a fixed minimum price of 500k in NGS, that's just how it is I guess. Can't say I understand the decision.

The fashion issue happens with pretty much every outfit that has any non-skin tight parts to it. It also messes up outfits on the old PSO2 body type for whatever reason. Any coat, cape, skirt, etc are just bugged out like that, unless you make your body into a stick figure, which in turn makes skin-tight outfits look ugly. I also contacted support about this, but haven't heard back from it. Right now the only solution is spending SG or a Salon Pass every time you switch between these outfits.

Here’s the original art for that set for reference:


The issue stems from the waist slider causing the start of the dress to bow out, making it look poofy.