I'va gather minerals such as monotite dualomite and trinite and his respective photon variations, but they are not respawning since the 9th of june i dont know if the respawn time is too high or its just bugged so many people having problems with this even to do some daily quests that requires gathering

It's not just minerals, the lobster daily yesterday, and the fruit tree daily today aren't achievable if you've collected all of them earlier.

same for me i can upgrade because of this and create new multi-weapon

minerals is to be expected that will be limited to a certain extend, still is possible to get then from trials that the capsule lands in the map and you can do that with higher frequency by going into zones that PSE Burst can happen, so even through you cannot get then for the daily task you can still collect then for weapons and augments

@Urihiro If you were collecting before daily task was unlock? You can't complete for today.

Every 24 hours starting at 5 am PST, collectables should spawn; they won't spawn in the whole zone. Just the spots where they are found and it completely random on where they spawn.

Beware, server lag will cause collectables to not spawn visually. It sometimes will not load when running around and passing by spawn spots. It is wise to use task "focus" in collecting dailies. Heavy Traffic Ships may cause spawning issues.

@Commander-Rass i have explored several times the maps for them and not a single spawn so idk if thats totally true, maybe in pso2 happens like that but ngs its not the case from what I have seen

@Urihiro PSO2 had no timers on collectables.

What I saying is true. My friends and I have been reviews the changes to NGS. We also play the CBT and know what is different.

@Commander-Rass but how is it that i dont find anything? maybe it is me? I cannot upgrade anything

@Urihiro It depends, it different for each person.

Top 6 Issues I seen are.

Collecting before given the daily task unlocked. (Jumping the gate)
Steam version not spawning. (Why? many reasons)
Crowded Server /Lag causing not to spawn.
User not receiving data or delay loading from server.
Spawned, but not visually there.
Network issues from users.

@Urihiro didn't you read what I said that you can farm minerals from trials, if you need to upgrade stuff then go to a zone that trials happens frequently and farm there.

@Jamesmor srry. the trial that you said its the one that spawns at random times, there is no way to farm it cuz its random, but ty about that i knew that capsules give minerals, the problem that I see is that respawns are too long, I follow @Commander-Rass suggestions, today i got 1 node on south aelio, just 1 and on day 1 i farmed like 20 or 25 dont remember

It seems like it is either that the respawn time doesn't count time offline or that you have to be online during the daily reset not sure which it is but I think it is one of them.


It’s a major issue because everything in the game requires it, but I’m not sure the developers will notice the complaints... 😕