NGS Ac Purchase/ Pack

NGS Start Dash Rappy pack not received and Ac purchase also not received. For all of those people that say wait, I'm 72 hours in since purchase time with visible receipt on steam and funds missing from my bank account, The funds aren't pending in my account either and have been removed. I have waited the 24-48 hours and submitted a support ticket but with no confirmation of them receiving the ticket so I'm not sure about that one

Ac Purchase 1000 + 100 for a total of £8.78 Start Dash Rappy Pack £38.99 72 Hours have passed so what are my options Missing money and missing items. With no support.

Purchases were made 10thJune 4AM BST. Time of this post 13thJune 10:02AM BST. What are my options?

(Steam User)

Edit: I also logged into BASE PSO2 And checked the Visiphone as some Steam users did to no avail.

@Senka hey! im in the exact same situation; just wanted to let you know your 100% not the only one dealing with this right now. hopefully they decide to actually offer some support to people in our situation.

also i've opened 3 tickets with them. and each once i receive an email saying the issue has been solved; and to contact support if i need further help; but they literally didn't do anything.

Have you guys gotten your ac or pack yet as of this moment? . Btw how long does it take before customer support reply ?

@Albion Customer support doesn't exist

Same here, and I can't log into my Steam account to post on the relevant account.

I got a response from Steam linking me to this forum for support. That was a bit...different.

Make sure to put in a ticket with Steam rather than just letting it go. The refund process doesn't work, but if you go through the options to ask a question, you can at least get a comment in.

I'm sure it's just a delay, but if it turns into more of a debacle than it already is, I don't want $50 in limbo for more than a week. That's not a question of patience, I'd just rather not risk dealing with a company that does that in the future.

New here, but it doesn't seem nearly as transparent as other games.

@Senka true that I haven't gotten I response yet for my 1k ac missing that I just bought recently and fyi for other peps I already got my first ac with steam just so happens the second time I bought I didn't receive it ahahaha. Now Idk if I should ever spend again for AC.

@Bleeeeh compared to other games they are very backward in terms of in game currency buying. I can buy apex coins or cod points anytime and get those immediately heck even guild wars 2 has better buying of currency XD. it's 2021 and we still have to deal with this shit.

I just got a response from PSO2's customer service:

"Hello ARKS Operative,

If you would like the transaction refunded and the amount that was charged returned back to you, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to perform this action through this channel. We request that you contact Steam support ( for further assistance.

-The PSO2 Team"

I also have a recent response from Steam:


You'll need to wait for a response from this game's support team before we'll be able to assist further.

Once you've been contacted by their support team, if they are unable to assist you in locating this content, we'll require a full copy of your communication with their support team.

If you need help submitting a screenshot, please see our Saving a Screenshot article.

Best Regards, Jeff"

I'm screenshotting the response to Steam and I'll see what happens. Sorry folks, it's a little too unstable for this point in my life. I'll try again when things look more polished, because I only have so many hours in my free time to play.

@Bleeeeh you lucky man for getting a reply. what did you put on the submit request for them to reply to fast enough.

I have this issues as well, i got a response from PSO2 support today:

**The PSO2 Team (PSO2) Jun 14, 2021, 13:10 PDT Hello ARKS operative,

I am sorry to hear that you are still experiencing an issue with your missing purchase. We would now like to clarify how you would like to proceed with your issue.

If you would like the transaction refunded and the amount that was charged returned back to you, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to perform this action through this channel. We request that you contact Steam support ( for further assistance.

First, we would like to verify that you are redeeming the purchase on the same platform that you purchased the item. Keep in mind that purchased items and premium currency must be claimed on the same platform that they were purchased on: Xbox One or Windows 10 for purchases from the Microsoft Store, Steam for purchases from the Steam Store, or Epic Games for purchases from the Epic Games Store. Please log into the game lobby of the correct platform and check if you received your purchase.

Next, If you have successfully refunded a similar transaction in PSO2 prior to your missing purchase, this may have had an effect on your missing purchase.

If you would like us to instead investigate the missing transaction further, please provide your entire transaction history for only PSO2. These transactions include both completed purchases and refunds that were made on your account.

You can do this by logging in to your Steam account at This link will take you directly to your purchase history page. Once you have logged in you will be able to verify each transaction that was made, when the transaction was made, the order number and amount for the transaction. Check each order detail for all the PSO2 transactions you are reporting by clicking on the transaction, then save each transaction as a separate PDF file. You can attach your entire transaction history to this ticket.

Once we have received your transaction history, we can then begin our investigation. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you so far and patiently await your response.


  • The PSO2 Team**

ive sent them the receipts from steam, hopefully they can fix it

Still waiting on Steam here. Steam answered same day prior to this, but we're a little over 24 hours since I copied and screenshot PSO2's response.

2 different reps, not sure if that matters.

And to @Albion , I gave them salt of me trying to play during my pretty short off day, but nothing out of the ordinary. I've definitely seen worse. i'M a VeRy BuSy MaN gIvE mE vIdYa, essentially.

Here it is for the sake of coverage:

Refund requested for: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - Start Dash Rappy Pack.

Your servers are unstable, and these 24-hour locks on doing anything I can think of to troubleshoot are not acceptable.

I am trying to leave my ship for another ship, since certain ships and every block I want to play on are experiencing ridiculous amounts of lag.

My friends are all playing on a different ship. I have to wait 24 hours to delete a character and make another on a different ship due to your game's limits.

I was even willing to spend money for another character slot, but I'm reading the forums and seeing something about waiting 24 hours to receive my currency as well. What is this?

So now I have to go to work, I missed my window to play with friends, and I'm out $50+.

I have filed for a refund for $10 in AC via steam. I can't refund the DLC via steam, so I need the DLC refunded. I don't intend on playing the game with these weird system practices in place. It's just a waste of player time.


I had similar issue and steam offered refund for me and then i repurchased it right away and it worked. Hope it works out for u 2 and others having this limbo.

Send all proof to stream of u trying to claim, ur inventory ur msgs with SEGA support. Everything.

I am having the same issue.

I did not receive my rappy pack, but whenever I attempt to contact PS02 support, I get brought back to the login screen in an endless loop.

@Waspinator can you give me the URL for the support ticket interface,

Whenever I use Steam's link, I get a blank page and then I am redirected back to the login page.