[NGS] Lost about 100K meseta after teleporting from Ruins to North Aelio

I stored my N-meseta in storage and kept 1k to go farm in Rank 2 Vanford Laboratory Ruins for a few hours. I had collected little over 100k N-meseta and decided to teleport to North Aelio to find seafood for the daily quest before taking a break. After running around North Aelio for a few minutes, I found out that I only had only 15k N-meseta.

@Phenixe That really hard to prove without more details and proof.

It's an known issue. https://ngs.pso2.com/news/announcements/announcement06131

I also lost all my N-meseta on character (i deposit some in storage, those are fine) after logging in the game today.

Did some more tests and seems like "Converting to Cash" out in the field can trigger it.