Deuman tattoos made transparent with NGS bodies

So in PSO2, you had three choices for Deuman tats, black/grey/white. With NGS models, this was changed to two, a color-change one and silver/grey. The color-change one is changeable based on your innerwear, so you can get the black/white versions back in theory, but it's not actually possible to get the same level of color with it because of how transparent the tats are.

This is the pso2 body / ngs body with 1 bodypaint / ngs body with 2x bodypaint: 340c4bb1-3a28-4b87-8732-6a9e9b091546-image.png

On the top model which I used to show it more clearly it doesn't look like as pronounced a difference, but when using my skin color (bottom row) it's pretty easy to see how much the tats can disappear on NGS models even at max-black. Which, I know it's a pretty nonstandard skin color, but it was part of the "deuman" skintone range in the original PSO2 CC so it feels a bit sad to have the tats seem so washed out on it.

Would be nice to see an actual full-black deuman tat option show up, or some other way to increase the opacity of body paints more totally.

I kind of like the faded look, so transparency sliders are a good idea.

An idea, but an unknown capability of the devs.

Gonna give this a bump in case anyone sees it before the forums shut down. It'd be nice to see an opaque/"old style" of these tattoos show up in a future mission pass or a scratch or something.