Meseta Bots are officially back in NGS. Make sure you report the bots, block the symbol art they send, and elaborate on your report.

They are now spamming symbol art instead of text walls to advertise their illegitimate websites. Block the SA they send, put in "Other" for report and mention it's meseta bot spam. Block the player too.

Imagine making a macroable tutorial after bots were running rampant in base PSO2. Way to fumble things even further, SEGA. Please get on top of this. We really don't need lobbysitting spam bots again and people who get their accounts stolen as a result of falling for that nonsense.

Blocking it stops that specific .sar file import (symbol art file) from showing up in the future. It will just display a blank, empty box. However, they can just export the .sar and reimport it constantly, therefore making it count as something 'new.' SEGA needs to nip this in the bud immediately.

Players can't really use their service since trading is gone now. Anything on the player shop also has a history function for Sega so it's easier to find the buyers and sellers.

At this point they're banking on abusing less than average intelligence players.

It’s pretty hard to even trade those 4* weapons with Fixa augments between alliances members, never mind trying to do rmt

Blocking the symbolart seems like a pretty moot endeavor, honestly. Even a completely minor change to the SA will completely change the hash, and beyond that they'd need some kind of more advanced algorithm or AI to differentiate meseta SA from legitimate SA.

If they're bots, there's not much stopping them from nudging a part of the SA a pixel each time they want to spam it, so it might not even keep you from seeing the same art from that bot in that session.

Hopefully the NGS changes make this a pointless enough endeavor that they just give up, but I'm not exactly gonna bank on that chance.