Anyone find the EXP floating text very hard to see?

Specifically, the "+1 EXP" amber floating text you get when killing mobs. They're like less than a third of the size of the other text and in very thin lines, making them difficult to detect amongst all the combat effects and other floating text. Is this intentional? Or is it a bug? I seriously have trouble finding them and would prefer to see them better.

Even other people's damage numbers are bigger and clearer than these tiny EXP gain text.

And I have text size set to Large already. 😞

Can we at least get an option to make them the same size as damage numbers? Or, alternatively, I would really love it if there is a "channel" in the chat window for system messages that tell us exactly the items, N-MST and EXP that we gain. It's so easy to miss those floating text.

I wonder if increasing the menu resolutions/etc etc in the actual launcher options would help you any.

Maybe give it a shot and see if it does? Either way, I hope it works out for you.

I only see it when there isn't a sea of damage numbers that appear suddenly because of lag.