Take the servers offline ffs.

This post is deleted!

I would ignore him for now on. He's clearly baiting at this point.

@BlockedMarlin58 said in Take the servers offline ffs.:

@Viola-Lance Also I know reading comprehension is hard, but I said 5 years. Those games (and Wildstar F2P) were released in 2014 and 2015.

I may be parched for attention (not true for your information), but you and @Zeke are parched for Sega's attention, that you'd blindly rush to defend them in some desperate misguided attempt for them to notice you. Hoping they'll give you 10 SG or something?

Yes. Keep that goal post on the move. That way you'll never be wrong.

@Zeke @Viola-Lance I have nothing more to say to either one of you.

Keep your meseta in your storage, wouldn't want to lose it due to the bug.