Personal Quarters 3 Days Passes missing from EX-Cube shop in NA

In the Japanese version of PSO2, players can buy 3 Day passes for access to Personal Quarters (not the mini-room) from the Excube shop. However, these are missing from the NA version's EX-Cube shop.

Japanese version pso20200324_125531_000.jpg

North American version Clip-Screenshot-2020-03-24-12-56-25.jpg

I want to bring this up and request that this be considered to be altered to be the same for the following reason. Once you add PC players, you will be adding your most dedicated and experienced player base. This will be a regular call out from a lot of players who played the Japanese version and can be seen as an ungenerous gesture by removing this pass from the EX-Cube store. The forum will fill up with threads or replies to threads on this topic.

Advertising the benefits of the premium set will be a great way to mitigate loss of revenue from this and making the Mission Pass more generous would also, as it's part of the premium set. However, free to play generosity is a balancing act and I don't have the experience or answers to make this work. I just want to warn, that this has a potential to blow up in your face if this is not maintained.

I think you are right, especially when crafting and custom PAs get unlocked, virtual pitchforks will be grabbed

@Gerbilios It was added back when the wedding update hit.