Daily Quest Issues from CBT still not addressed

If you are going to have gathering quests, don't tie it to spawn RNG or other mechanics. The amount of people stuck on this daily is absurd because of stupid repawn mechanics currently in place, this isnt' the only gathering daily to have these issues either.


I give up on lobster.

This is most unfortunate, I'm stuck at 6/10 because I randomly gathered these the other day.

Logging into a different character doesn't fix the problem either, which means gathering is also account bound too further making alts useless.

8/10 for me too...so dumb

I ran into this issue as well.

I had a whole hour to wrap up my dailies today only to find out they're bugged anyways.

Good game, SEGA

Just another thing to add to the pile at this point of weirdly broken oddities in NGS.

For what its worth, i had the West Aelio version of quest..just followed someone elses suggestion, went to the Halphana wetlands teleporter, went directly west through the valley to West Aelio where the Cryano Cliffs are, found 2 more there and just completed the daily

Here is the thing though, I haven't gathered any Lobsters in North Aelio for over a day so the issue is either;

1 Random # of spawns per day which may or may not exceed the daily limit requirement for some players meaning its a bug.


2 The respawn timer on resources is excessively long preventing players from completing gathering dailies which means it needs adjusting

Either way, right now ~ bluntly put, it is unsafe to do any random gathering if you want to finish a gathering daily.

Also, 4 hours later and checking periodically and still no respawn so this needs developer attention and should be classified as an issue, its annoying because this was a known issue in CBT and Sega didn't do anything about it. The respawn timer for some resources seems to be greater than a day, because I remember farming some dualomite one of the caves in South Aelio and just checked, it still hasn't respawned so either the timer is bugged or its really really long timer.

Yup, currently stuck with this one at 9/10. I was even searching for several hours thinking it might not have just tracked that one and I have to find it myself. Nah, it just didn't spawn.

The issue is continuing, todays is collect fruit....... none of the trees have any fruit for me.

Yeah, did a loop around Central Aelio, only 5/10 trees had fruit on them. I didn't pick any fruit yesterday at all, and still had just barely enough to do the quest, and I had the lobster issue yesterday as well. Also, while wandering Central Aelio I figured I'd pick up some Monotite - except all but two of those gather points were also missing, which, while not today's daily, is still kind of a major problem given how much you need to unlock potentials on 4 stars.

Something interesting is one of the trees had an examine point on it's roots instead of up where the fruit normally is; bug that puts gather points underground? XP Or it could be completely unrelated, who knows. Either way there is definitely something very wrong with gather points at the moment.

Second day in a row for me to not be able to complete a daily because there's not enough resources to even gather, but oh Sega was so adamant that they felt the number of resources was adequate. Just one more EPIC fail on their part with this launch.

I think this has become a more major issue now, check the lobster area and still nothing respawned so going to check the cave system again that I originally farmed back on the first day for respawns, incterestingly enough the dualomite nodes respawned this time.

I was able to complete todays fruit gathering...only just, I noticed one tree I had already picked fruit and if I had picked another tree then I would have been stuck at 8/10 again, and until this is fixed -

  • Do not random gather -

1 Fruit in Central Aelio

2 Lobsters in North Aelio

this list needs to be editted as more dailies emerge