The Weapon 'Launcher' Missing from the Item Shop NGS

Currently see every weapon in the game available up to Tzvia Quality, But i don't even see any Launchers are they a drop only or is my Item Shop bugged? Also for ther Personal Shops it never finds any weapons i assumed there was just no one selling anything on NGS but there are tons of armors it's just weapons.

not all weapons have a Tzvia version but all have 1 to 4 star rarities so you can still find a launcher with the same rarity.

There's no Launcher at all in my Shop are they drop only?

The item shop appears to only sell the default weapons for each class - everything else is drop only.

My bro found this problem too as he can't find any launcher weapons (even Primm) on personal shop while I can find all of them. PS. we use the keyword launcher on the shop