let me start off by saying, I have several hundred SG and a free salon pass, so this shouldn't be coming up as an issue. I go to change the colorings on my character - as well as change some of the accessories and so on - yet when I go to finalize, it says I don't have the items needed to pay for this change - after looking through both the AC and SG stores, I think maybe someone forgot to put the N-Color Change Pass, in one of the stores, since many of the changes on the list of what I change have the SG symbol on it and not being able to find said pass in either store, I think that may be whats bugging the salon out on me - just figured I would pass it on, just in case it really is something as simple as an oversight of someone, who was supposed to put it there, but maybe forgot? either that or something went heywire and it just isn't showing up, when it should be? either way, if no one lets you know, you never find out, so here it is.