Level 20 reward bugged?

So that item you get for hitting level 20, whatever it was, some of my discord friends are saying they never got it. Do we know if receiving it is bugged?

Did they check their consumables it's a ticket they have to use then they will have the stp sarissa in stamps

Apparently I misunderstood them a bit. They got the ticket, but the ticket itself didn't do anything.

So update on how NGS cosmetics work. They all come in the form of a ticket you have to use then go to the salon to equip. They no longer take inventory space like pso2 costumes did.

This isn't a cosmetic though...

when you reach level 20 you get a stamp, open the stamp menu and you gonna see it there.

A stamp is a cosmetic. Thought I didn't know it was a stamp to begin with.

I think you're thinking of stickers Zeke.

@Hatsodoom said in Level 20 reward bugged?:

I think you're thinking of stickers Zeke.

Stamp is the animated symbol art right?

Animated? Either way we're getting a bit off topic. I dunno what to say other than someone I know on discord used it and nothing happened.

I too used the ticket and nothing happened.

edit. oh its the chat stamp. thanks i guess x)