Story quest feedback: 10 foot robots prancing like little girls.

Okay, Segac. Got an easy one for you. Character disposition option, please. The reaction animations for story events were plainly designed with waifus in mind. I play an 8 foot tall T-1000 knockoff wearing a helghast helmet. Seeing my death machine hunch over, ball his fists up by his face and stick out his ass while wriggling with excitement does not scan.

This has a low effort solution: give us a couple more options for the personality of these reactions. Wouldn't need to change any dialogue, just a handful of reaction emotes. Presto, the story becomes marginally less cringe. Namaste.

I feel bad for you CASTs that go full robot.

Intrinsically, you don't really have a "face" so you're unable to express your character emotions outside of physical interactions. It's kind of a shame. But you guys look the coolest in exchange, so there's some solace I suppose.

Story mode on either side (PSO2 and NGS) doesn't do a male CAST well in most cut scenes , but I put up with it every so often a good scene comes up that just fits with the full machine look.