NGS daily, get 10 seafood in N Aelio broken

Theres only 8 in all of N aelio of the target item, changed blocks multiple times, didnt let me find any more than that. good job sega.

Said south Aelio for me, worked fine picking up stuff there

@ZeeHero9271 just search other regions as well or log out then log back in and that should reset the target items

I've already done all that, still not finishable.

I have it set to track it, and it stops pointing to more lobsters at 8.

Check reddit, theres like 100 reports of a similar bug, it appears its caused by the items not respawning, so if you picked up any before the daily the previous day you wont be able to finish.

@ZeeHero9271 the keyword is SEAFOOD so take clams or any other kind of seafood you can find

No, it specifically states it requires seafood from THAT area (there is no other seafood) AND that it be the lobsters. I'm not stupid.

@ZeeHero9271 then I can't help you because the last daily regarding seafood I was given was for the south region so you just have to file a bug 🐛 report

You think I would seafood and not eatfood? 😂