Where the content sega?

oof. I hope this doesn't end up like Bless online. Sega needs to get their shit together fast.

What happened to Bless Online?

@Miraglyth was stupidly mistaken.my bad in this one

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@Miraglyth you can see it here https://www.bumped.org/phantasy/pso2-ngs-headline-recap-1/ But you are correct as it looks it's not in jp as well. Strange.

Then again, which one are you talking about? The five in the biggest pic for Trainee Line there are Veterno (CAST Type 1), Svela (CAST Type 2) and the trio of Strak, Marxma and Magisul (all Humanoid Type 2) are all available in both JP and Global.


Ok my bad was stupid think the F cast was male one. My bad. There just was no male

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What happened to Bless Online?

Basically a MMO that came out a couple years ago and died pretty much 1 month after launch due to a number of issues. Later shut down after about a year due to having practically nobody playing the game.

PSO2 NG is on track to follow suit unless they can turn things around by the end of the year. Looking at those steam charts that sort of population drop is not normal. Some people are trying to say it's just the population stabilizing after people who didn't end up liking it leave. That's partially true but not to this extent. Usually for a big MMO titles it's not normal to go from 60k+ all the way down to 10k in a matter of a month and a bit. PSO2 should have been able to retain about 25-40k out of that 60k for Steam. Sure it may continue to drop a tiny bit due to content drought but usually it will go back up to those numbers when a new patch hits.

What we are seeing with PSO2 is constant decline and even with the Braver release there will probably still be decline 1-3 days after. If the end of year patch doesn't cut it we're looking at the game shutting down in a year after.

When other areas open up, level cap rises, etc. Players will come back. Base PSO2 in JP had long periods of slow content drips and it didn't shut down in 9 years. If the game is not shutting down in JP, it is not happening to global.

@BoomBoy I don't think you should rule it out completely. Yes that has been the case for PSO2 but look at Maplestory 2. Game didn't shut down in Korea but shut down in Global. If the game ceases to be profitable because everyone quits then it's going to shut down.

@BoomBoy New areas and increasing the level cap is not going to be enough, the lack of content in NGS is not just because of the lack of regions, but also the lack of content in the current region itself. If all they do is add new regions, it will result in less and less players returning in the major updates.

For people to come back and stay when the next new region releases, we need more stuff to do and more replayable content in both the current region and also the next region. If all they do is add the next new region with no meaningful updates until then (new classes are not enough), returning players will see that it's just more of the same and those players won't remain.

One of the biggest mistakes in the NGS launch was that they had no content prepared for the following updates. While back in 2012 PSO2 JP started with less content than NGS, it actually had content prepared for the post-launch period, it had a steady stream of updates throughout the following months, including a new expedition only 2 weeks after launch.

NGS having nothing but gigantix (a type of boss fight that was already in the beta anyway, just not available at launch), a very disappointing event, and a shameless amount of scratches (plus a survey all about money spending) as post launch content for the first 2 months is not a good look at all.

@Ezodagrom I have a feeling covid probably set development back 6 months to a year. I know it hurt for FF14 so it must have affected Sega too but still, it doesn't excuse them for releasing the game in this state. They should have had some form of replayable content ready.

@Zenny Yeah, it definitely had an effect on development.

The roadmap has defense quests listed for August, no idea how these will work, hopefully they'll offer some replayability, but with NGS having the Episode 5 director and the name "defense" quests, we could be looking at a potential buster quests v2... (which weren't popular at all back when they launched in jp pso2).

@Ezodagrom with new region, new monsters, etc., there comes new weapons, units, etc. More to give people a reason to grind for the newest/best gear like it always has been in base pso2. How NGS is any different than what it has always been in base pso2?

@BoomBoy The difference is the scale. The open fields take alot more time to create than the PSO2 areas, if all they're gonna do is the same as PSO2 it's a huge waste of potential to go from relatively small empty fields to big empty open worlds, the end result is that these will just take alot more time to release. And taking more time for meaningful updates than jp PSO2 will result in more players losing interest.

If this is all they're gonna do with the open fields, then they should have just stuck with instanced dungeons.

For NGS to keep players, the open fields need more substance in them, they can't just be empty locations like PSO2 expeditions.

New gear will take a week at best to get completely maxed out if they keep things the way they are. The game needs proper replayable content combined with the grind. You can't just throw in minimal grind and call it a day. It doesn't work.


Gear is pointless without the challenging content that makes it desirable to have and obtain.

So if the content of the new regions is anything like what we've been given so far there will be no reason to get anything more than the new "rare" set and basic augments - again.