Where the content sega?

@Zeke new people come in and say the same things. If you don't have any thing more to say then stop come here.bwe get the point you got .

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@Zeke new people come in and say the same things. If you don't have any thing more to say then stop come here.bwe get the point you got .

It's literally on the front page everyday.

After reading some post I got that some heavily paywalled Korean f2p games can have infinit content if you don't pay.Which sound really flawed. Or games without a cap could maybe be considered infinite content too.

Jukes aside, I don't think the game was rushed since I feel what's released is reasonably polished, fun and nicely designed. The problem is that it's really little stuff and I guess that was intentional given the previous history.

I don't think the game will fail but still I really expect it to have a rough start being revisited every few months through the expansion without really take off until there's enough to keep players entertained for a few hours a week

@Zeke just show how dead the forums that all.

Been running around killing level one enemies hoping they will drop the item I need to make my weapon 1% better.

Content. 👍

@Furious-0 ye you know......FUN 🥳

@samsaralotus Yes it was.

Majority agrees that there is no content while the minority claims they have proven otherwise. Now its the creator of the Thread has to decide which side has the better points. The answers to his/her question has been given by both sides.

And while i agree with your point that new people join in and give their opinion we have a very good example (you know who) that shows those people dont even read what has been said for over 20 pages now and throw the same stuff in over and over again. So i also agree with @Zeke when he says we go in circles right now.

I think there low amount of content but I do not say people that like it are wrong from the get go. I can say the argument they have is weak. But if people find this topic closed just stop content and so will I. Simple 🙃

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Why do you think of it as a disaster?

Because THEY DID rush it that was my point. No content, not enough testing if everything really works, the really bad launch week. Sega pretty much lost all the new players they wanted in 2 days. If you dont call that a desater then i dont know what is.


Yes.....i know. I believed the smile at the end made it clear that i am just fu**ing around.


There is really no helping you. You didnt even notice that i used your own logic against you when you answered my post. YOu made fun of my post thats good because THATS ALL YOU youre laughting at. So at least deep down you know youre wrong. So no i didnt attack you personaly. I showed you on a less pleasant way how you talk with us. So if i attacked you personaly imagine how others here feel about reading your posts.

K so you only attacked me personally without actually stating what "content" is. So I'll ask, what is content cause I obviously have a different meaning for it. If my goal is to beat content, then... then... thats content. Content to me is something you enjoy and have fun with while doing it. If I am practicing with my hopefully full build and trying to best myself with the content available, then I can make my own. Your idea of content is "something I do with incentive behind it" as you stated you get nothing from leveling other classes, chracters, and EVEN your sub class (oH no). SO we need to decided on what content means in the Title because everyone has their own opinion. With you're definition we will go with minecraft for a perfect example on why you are wrong. Minecraft's "content" is, well, nothing. Since content doesn't include "goals" as you put it, with nothing to do with an incentive other than, I don't know, running around in circles trying to get better mats, then there is no "content". With my definition it is literally the most content rich game since you can do anything you put your mind to. You are mad because I am guessing you came from NA PSO2 with 3-4 episodes on release, right? Then just go look at JP PSO2's launch lol, it was apparently worse.

Good meme at the end tho 10/10

Ok so cherry pick respond to the stuff thats not a personal attack out of here if you want to have a discussion. I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable as this is my first time on forums. I genuinely believe my idea of "what is content" shouold be established to move the thread further. And I believe I only started attacking you when you said all I wanted to do was increase my E-Peen? Not enjoy the game how I want to and not for any other reason then to increase my ego?

Sincerely, Someone who wants this game to succeed

give their opinion we have a very good example (you know who)

Damn really a good way to make new players that get excited to talk to others and maybe get a little overzealous to never come here again. Maybe less time on the forums and in the real world would be better. Was gonna try and have a convo and try and build bridges rather than burn but I see we just have a mean, jaded vet here. Take care my guy and dont @ me again ^.^ or do prob wont come on the forums again but I guess that's a win in you're book 😕

Well, all I see from first page and to current page is complaining about lack of content yet lack suggestion of contents to add. It become "lack of contents" because everyone got spoon feed by all those guides on literally starting game.

Tip for it is take it easy, don't look at guide, explore it like good old days games. Tired? Log out then rest. Will not tell everyone to stop playing nor telling everyone to level all class to max and grind top rare gear and affixs.

But hopefully something like this will be implemented in the future.

  1. NPCs side story quest that you can repeat, chain quest too since we finally have open world. Good place to make meseta other than trial or market.
  2. Another sentient non playable race like draconian that can join you in the fight instead of beating them.
  3. Flavor text on items or monster, some kind of encyclopedia.
  4. Some kind of NPCs outside the safe area with dialog or quest. (Not the trial on, the one that stay there or appear according to time or weather.)
  5. Easter eggs because it open world so why not. (Probably there and not found yet or unnoticed.)
  6. Interaction with object like chair and the fire place at camp outside.
  7. Vehicle for fun that can crash small monster but can be block by size not less than the pig looking TAMES or ability to ride TAMES.
  8. Another small town like Aelio Town before it got barbecue by Dark Falz DOLLS instead of one city in region.
  9. Small dialog for Region Mag like "Hello There." when they see you then " Thank you." or "Fine addition to my collection." or "Ah, the negotiator." when you feed it.
  10. More flying DOLLS to annoy Melee classes because because seeing sword hunter trying to jump slashing Orug face is funny af.
  11. Mounted Photon Cannon and Machine Gun like good old day for strategic battle against raid bosses.
  12. Personal Quarter and Alliance Quarter, Casino, Concert. (I think this going to get implemented anyway probably in the grim darkness of far future.)
  13. Auxiliary with custom auto chat during battle.
  14. Cute top tier waifu like Xiera.
  15. Some kind of beach resort with some NPCs and some quests or small story. It can also serve as casino place.
  16. Fishing since we finally have a true sea and not some puddle or water planet.

Wont touch scratch item contents or market.

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  1. Some kind of beach resort with some NPCs and some quests or small story. It can also serve as casino place.

my guess is that we will build up the destroyed lil beach place from the prologue in future...maybe with new implemented crafting system (way better one than the pso2 version) and new materials to farm in the 2nd region unlocked...and as soon as youve finished all of the side story tasks as a "semi - crafter" you can enter this place as a new "instance based thing" wich is bigger than the original and expands more and more in the future

one can dream right

What guids? If you need one for ngs it's sad. There low amount of content. What can be added? Dungeons,raids,more that 1 map,pvp.

@Fighter-Fairy Guides huh ?

First: I am one of the people who finished the content before Guides where even born for this game.

Second: If there are guides for finishing the game even faster then that means there are people done with all the content right ? Which proves there is none. I mean common. The onyl thing people need a guide for right now are the red chests if they wanna speed it up a little.

Also you misread what we are complaining about a little bit. Yes we complained about the "release" content for the game but why should we add suggestions of content to add with the release already done ? Everything else will come eventualy but whats done is done. So yeah we are currently only complaining about this poor release of a open world mmorpg.