Using health drinks

I have spent $50 already on this game that's why I love this game and previous games. The thing I'm having issues with and maybe others are also. In the time it takes to use trimates etc in game especially against strong bosses when on ur own. Today I spent $10 on scape dolls because of this issue.thanks for listening

If you having that much trouble on your own bring a player avatar with you you can have 3 or get a ring that speeds up mates

Welcome to a game where healing yourself is not a free action.

Yes, you can't drink a Trimate while being launched in the air by some monster like in PSU, who would have guessed?

That's part of the balance of the game, so... get good? make a tanky build with automate? there are options, but paying real money to buy a scape doll.... wow, I guess players like this actually exist.

@Reilet said in Using health drinks:

Welcome to a game where healing yourself is not a free action.

Just like Monster Hunter series, and any single-player JRPG.

Personally I never use trimates anyway because of the time it takes for them. I default to Dimates for heavy damage healing and Monomates for small damage. Outside of that.. <_< I kinda hate to say it but, outside of that I just don't get hit.. I normally play a tiny little CAST that I build up to be a glass canon, so she can dish out to really nice high damage even on SH, but can't take a hit worth anything. If a boss on UH so much as looks at me I basically a goner. But that's what I built on purpose lol.

Just work on your dodging and avoiding so many hits that you get taken out so easily, and try playing with some friends, they can use Moons on you.