Any official news on whether theyre doing something about the lag issues? Its killing the game.

As we all know, lagging is a huge issue atm and sometimes makes the game unbearable. A lot of people, my whole alliance included, have decided to wait and not play the game until the lag issue is fixed.

Im pretty sure its not my internet either since I live in a city in US which has good access to a fairly decent internet connection. I downloaded the whole client in around 20mins. Not might be the fastest internet but i still think its good enough.

I know its a new server and a lot of people are connecting everyday, but if this keeps up, its going to be like pso2 global all over again wherein more than 1/4 of the players would just give up and play other games than this and would eventually forget this game ever existed.

Was wondering if sega is doing something about this or are they really just hoping and waiting that more people will quit and give up overtime until the server doesnt lag anymore? Or are they going to fix it and upgrade servers etc?

I dont have a twitter account so i dont have access to official news and such so I was hopping if people can shed a light about this issue on wether its being addressed or not

@Zeke hey man! Thank you and i appreciate that link! Guess i can tell my buddies to just wait and give ngs a chance still! Awesome news man! Im glad theyre working on it

AKA wait til tuesday.

@fkingnametaken It's NOT a new server. Don't believe that.

It's the same game on top of the old game. It's why it's called base PSO2. The network code that was a little large is now pushing through high resolution characters and building and the new movement tech and bigger sized mobs and map. THAT is what is straining the server.

This needs to be 2 different games with NGS on the unused Server ship 5 and 6. OR, why did they not do that like they used 4 for Steam and Epic new players?? Then have FREE character transfers!!

I'm just suprised they didnt open ship 5 even to help spread out the new players.