I'm sitting on this tower until NGS fixes their issues.

Nope, not getting off of this tower

Can't affix, can't raise grind level, can't buy/sell from shops, lag freezes battles and crashes the game, I had my controls taken away exiting from a region mag menu, and a bunch of other things that other players have also complained about.

I'm not moving until this is fixed. If I crash, I'll move back to that spot immediately and sit my butt right back down.

@Zeke I will move when the issues are all fixed. Not a moment sooner.

pso1.jpg Can my bandmates, and I join you, ARKS?


@Robo-Mason-S Block 49, Ship 2. If you can get on the tip of the tower in Central City you're golden. Shouldn't be too hard.

So basically, until they fix the lag issues, you are going to stay logged in and tax the servers further more, because somehow that is going to change things?

@Ravare12jd Well it's just me, so really I'm not making a difference one way or the other. But I will be petty, and I will sit on this tower, because of all the things that lag everyone, sitting on top of a tower is the only enjoyable experience that doesn't get ruined by a lagging server. It's a nice view really. I also don't have to worry about doing a thing like farming or grinding levels, and I can just sit here and look at the lovely view from right up on the tippity toppity tower, while everyone else struggles with lag and gets even more upset at Sega for releasing a broken game.

I encourage everyone growing frustrated with this game to do the same. But at the same time I do not expect anything, so I'm sitting here.


@Narga-Cat you can do whatever you want. I'm just saying its immature and shitty to invite other people to just afk until they get disconnected. It's just you being petty over a video game release.

@Ravare12jd Well you go have fun with the lag and the lack of PS or well, much anything else that doesn't take a minute to calculate and I'll enjoy the view. Thank god the day/night cycle's not lagged.

And it really is a nice view. alt text

If a block lags so much, just change block. Earlier I was lagging so bad that even moving a single weapon to my inventory took literally seconds ...for each. Then I moved to another block ...and wow ...lag free 😄

If there is something I have to complain and maybe I'll make a thread of it ...is the fact that every single time I try to use a boost for augments ...it gives an error and boots me to the start and I have to restart from scratch. So I can't basically use it.

That's my place, but you can hang for a bit.

This is hilarious. Kudos. Even if people think it's futile, I admire your spirit and dedication.

I was just trying tower for the first time. I use to run the game with my graphics in low. but when I entered the tower the fps went to like 1 per second. it was so slow motion that I had to give up. how can open world full of players in combat have no lag and a tower with me alone have so much lag?

alt text

There is a gaping hole in the sky like someone just got done with some extreme vid on a shady website that serves virus riddled ads. They said "We need you all to stop all these DOLLS."

If the lobsters don't show up, neither do I.