AC tickets Featured items force minimum price /No trading on NGS, Player Choice

It is perhaps important to point out that the in-game economy is created by the "government" because they have absolute control over how much money they want to release into the economy, via dailies and weeklies mostly, but also via direct mob drops. Demanding, out of principle, to have a completely free market in the game is futile.

Other than asserting that "it will fail", can someone actually describe a realistic scenario where setting a minimum price on FEATURED ITEMS ONLY is going to harm the in-game economy and how it is consiered a failure? I'm genuinely interested in a more concrete discussion that isn't all about big words and matters of principle.

@kztm I think its a good idea myself. The undercutting goes too far too often. Everything else from scratches should have a minimum greater than 1000 too, just not as high as 500k.

And, I would wager to bet the primary reason why they are doing this with featured items also has a lot to do with why they removed the ability to trade items from the game. Its likely to incentivize people to buy AC scratch tickets themselves instead of blowing all their meseta on phasion. You need meseta for other things in this game too, primarily getting your BP where it needs to be to do content. Maybe more for getting people to be less F2P. Likely also why Personal shop tickets from remaining fun scratches were removed.

Whatever reason it's being done for, it's wrong. We spend our time, which is valuable to us, on this game, grinding and earning items. It should be our choice what we do with the things we earn, and sometimes pay for with actual real-world money. Along with the inability to trade directly with people, this is disgusting.

Yeah I agree it's a good thing for people who purchase AC Scratches. It means certain low-odds items will earn you more N-MST even if you don't want it or need it anymore.

I took a look at the prize list for the Soldiers scratch and the number of featured items are pretty limited, with a couple already selling at the 500,000 N-MST mark, meaning this arrangement is already working.

The argument that "we should be able to sell at the price we want" sounds great but considering it is being used as argument against a price FLOOR, it doesn't make sense. The argument of opposing it on principle would be more understandable.

But I would say all this will be for moot once we start feeling inflation and people are earning millions of N-MST a week just via weeklies. Unless they intend to keep an eye on the purchasing power parity and raise that price floor accordingly.

I really don't see what they're trying to achieve by this price floor that only applies to featured items, which is a minimal set of items in each scratch. Which makes all the doomsday predictions that it's going to ruin the game etc. all the more absurd, too.

Hi there. I will address some of the points I have seen being brought up.

(1.) “This will kill the game” No not really is more of an annoyance if you buy AC-tickets and want to get rid of the surplus of items that you don’t want.

(2.) in accordance with real life analogy. If i buy a car and then decide to sell it way lower than the market price i can, and i don’t get the manufacturer telling me i’m hurting their sales by selling the car cheaper and obligating me to sell it at a fixed price.

(3.) “No trading fixes Rmt bots” it does not, they are already on ngs spamming simbol art with the message and later down the line they could evolve and sell lvl up accounts with N-mesta. ect... is in their best interest to circumvent anything sega does at game level. 228081fb-ffc9-4628-abb3-62f067f55353-image.png

(4.)Fixed minimum price helps to encourage the sales of AC-tickets” This is my particular personal case. I buy lockboxes if I feel like I want to, not if I feel like I need to.

Thanks for your time.

ToS had intense dev-price-fixing as well as paid market... never stopped RMTs but it sure did assist the players in quitting. It's disappiinting to see SEGA relearning mistakes that others made literally years ago...

The only way to completely eliminate RMT is probably to remove all forms of exchange between players. But then PSO2's whole business model needs a re-design. The whole scratch model requires a player market to survive.

Failing that, a bot-free system could also go a long way towards eliminating RMT, because it vastly raises the cost of operation for RMT vendors (they have to buy their in-game currency from real players). But we all know how that turns out in every game that ever tried it.

After sending a ticket to sega explaining my situation with regards the situation presented on this post I would like to point out that you can contact them and let the know how you feel about this or any other topic over here.

the more people that point out something the more chance of it of getting address. thanks for your time have a good day.

I'd like for featured items to be removed as well and just let the players change the prices themselves. For items that players want a lot, they already sell for a ton of n-meseta anyways so it doesn't really affect that. BUT for the items that people aren't really too keen on spending 500k on, having that minimum price cap of 500k will make those items pretty much never sell at all.

Especially with the wack system of the market forcing the player to search the EXACT name of the item and even forgetting previously searched item names, newer/returning players will probably never know that the item exists in the first place as time goes on unless they search through the website for what was sold or happen to see another character with the item.

Make no mistake, the minimum price has nothing to do with player economy... they wanted to make the item 'special' by giving it a gold star in the scratches so you think you 'won'. Typical predatory gatcha behavior.