NGS and parties. Let's find out the truth

Time to clear up the parties situation once and for all. As far as I know. In the NGS, the party does not give you any bonuses. My arguments:

  • 1 Esc - personal - character info - stat information. When you join the squad, nothing is added to the current effects
  • 2 Esc - system-help - game guide - communication - party. There is no mention of receiving any bonuses. Like increasing experience.

In my opinion, the party system in NGS exists solely for the convenience of playing with friends. At the same time, there is absolutely no point in throwing invitations to random people. That's why the beacons were removed. They don't make sense anymore. But! There are certain doubts:

  • 1 One person told me that in the closed beta, the Bonus existed and was displayed in the current effects. Perhaps its absence is an interface bug.

  • 2 I don't have a premium. Perhaps the party bonus will only be available when it is active.

  • 3 I also have no friends with whom we could check the exact numbers of the experience obtained with and without the party. But.. You have them, I know )

I too often see people coming to the location and looking for a party or throwing invites to everyone who is nearby, because they believe that if there is a bonus in the normal version, then it is also in the NGS. So, let's find the truth. If someone has verified information about this, share it.

I can reaffirm that in the Beta under character info there was a buff shown for being in a party, it seems to be gone in the actual release.

@Vashzaron I guess Sega didn't want the lonely players to feel bad.

I'm pretty sure you get exp bonuses.

and I'm pretty sure you don't. Strange, I was expecting a little more interest in the topic. It will be a lesson to me)

We're just more worried about the horrible lag at the moment. :3

@Lorient It's not so "lonely" players don't feel bad, it's like this so that the lunatics obsessed with efficiency don't jump down their throat when they refuse party invites from them.

You are 100% correct, sir! It has to do with data. With this F2P server, they have limited resources. They took what they saw what most important in the oPSO2, and catered the game to the majority. Parties, whatever the fashion, are very intimate, as some (solo) players, like myself, are very "loud guy at the bar".

Simply put: we do not need loud guys at the bar. Keep that to CC. PSO2ngs caters to those Narutos, Sasukes, and Sakuras of the world. Keep Narutos in check, S&S.

Ok, since the server is currently working acceptably, I ran a few tests. Test conditions:

  • no premium

  • Region Mag gives a 10% exp bonus

  • Tested in a party of 3 and 4 people

  • The number of people in this location also changed from 3 to 6

Mobs on which the numbers were checked. Lv 15 Lizard thunder, lv 15 Drome

In all cases, the mobs always gave the same amount of experience. +149 by Lizard, +447 by Drome. A couple of screenshots as proof

No party lv 15 Drome NO party DROME lv15.jpg With party lv 15 Drome With party DROME lv15.jpg

So, the case is closed. Conclusion. The party or the total number of players on the location DOES NOT affect the amount of experience gained.

I appreciate it being tested thanks

Hmm Im of the thinking if there is a chance it gives a buff then why not. Interesting though if it does not whatsoever. So doesnt effect xp it seems, but what about drop rate?

Can those who saw the buff in beta recall whether it stated them separately, together or xp only or rare drop only?

In CBT I only had a party during UQ but I didn't notice any buff. Now tho I've got a party a few times with people in my alliance and I'm sure there is no XP bonus aside from the Mag one. And well...I tend to refuse random invites without even asking. Besides when you join a zone the system makes you a party already (reason why you get XP and money/drops from other people killing things). If you join a zone when you are already in a party it says you can't join them and you will get everything only from what you and your party does. So in fact unless you are actually together having a party already is detrimental.

@Robo-Mason-S what does that even means?